Stephanie De La Cruz

Founder - Head Principal

STEPHANIE DE LA CRUZ brings a variety of credentials and experience to her role as Administrator of Gideon High School. Her success in student relationship-building and her insight into restorative intervention produces high levels of positive student outcomes. She brings extensive experience working with distance learning platforms and possesses a social perceptiveness esteemed by former students desiring academic counseling.


Functioning as a Certified Teacher/Academic Advisor at Ombudsman Charter High School, Glendale, Arizona, Stephanie’s responsibilities included collaborating with family members, guardians, CPS case workers, instructors, and administrative staff at the district and state level, to determine individual student priorities and resource requirements. Her performance in counseling and crisis intervention between school and community consistently results in positive student conflict resolution.


As a restorative justice interventionist, Stephanie advises students concerning career planning, course curriculum, and instruction, which includes working with IEP in the FBA/FBIP process. Under her direction, graduation rates were increased by 32% during her first year as Academic Advisor at Ombudsman.


As a qualified instructor in English language acquisition, Stephanie coached Latin American and Asian athletes in English language acquisition, and cultural immersion. This supervision included creating, implementing, and monitoring data tracking systems for cultural applications, monitoring academic progress, and increasing student engagement and outcomes. She has extensive experience assisting colleagues in professional development with the MLB Cleveland Guardians, Milwaukee Brewers, and Cincinnati Reds.


Stephanie earned her A.A. in Music Education from GCCC, Garden City, Kansas, and has many years of experience teaching piano and violin as well as music theory and performance, navigating the public, private and charter sectors. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies from Arizona State University and her Master’s of Education from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona, with an emphasis in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).


Currently pursuing her Master’s of Education in Educational Administration from Bob Jones University.


Stephanie cares about her students individually and looks forward to encouraging and guiding those looking for a quality high school education in an alternate setting.